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Round #7 S1GP World Supermoto Championship 23 September 2015

Melk (Austria), September 20th 2015
Final round of the World Supermoto Championship took place at the beautiful track of Melk, with a large presence of the Austrian public.
In S1 Class Ivan Lazzarini (Team L30 Racing Honda) grabbed the fifth place in qualifying. In Race 1 Lazzarini bottled-up at the start and completed the first lap in seventh position. Ivan gave a show of his class with a series of passes to close in the third position, but didn't help in the final ranking because the points that separated him from Thomas Chareyre rose to 15. In Race 2 he could only hope for a miracle to win the championship. Ivan bottled again at the start and after a risky overtaking to try to recover as soon as possible he did end in seventh position.
This World Championship season has concluded anyway with an excellent silver medal for Lazzarini, ending at 17 points from the official TM Chareyre. His racing season doesn't end here as remain the final of the Italian in Ottobiano next Sunday and the Supermoto of Nations on October 4th in Jesolo.