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Falco® Products Use and Maintenance Fine quality Italian Products.

Your FALCO product is designed to provide optimal safety performance and riding comfort.
The manufacturing processes and materials used for the construction of the upper, internal reinforcements, soles and closure systems have been selected to improve strength and wear resistance of the product.
Below are the instructions for the regular maintenance and storage in order to preserv overtime the specific characteristics of your technical footwear.
• After motorbike use regularly clean with a watered sponge or soft cloth to remove residual mud and dust.
• Do not use aggressive cleaning systems (washing machine, pressure washers, brushes) or chemicals (gasoline, acids, solvents) that can compromise quality and durability of the components.
• Do not dry near or in direct contact with heat sources (stoves, radiators, heaters, fireplaces and direct sunlight) but only in a dry and well ventilated place.
• Apply regularly a neutral waterproofing polish-cream softener to renovate water-resistance and longevity of the leather uppers.
NOTE: The uppers made of leather "grain" may submit to the particular characteristics of this natural material and present original small surface imperfections to be considered valuable characteristics and distinctive quality of the leather itself.
• In periods of inactivity store footwear preferably in the original box (not airtight containers or plastic) and in good ventilation and dry place.
• Any removable internal parts (footbeds and inner booties) must be replaced periodically and in any case removed in the event of prolonged storage.
• It is preferable to fill-in the footwear inner toe with newspaper, closing it properly (zipper, Velcro, lever, etc.) and placing it into the proper packaging so as to maintain the original shape.
DISPOSAL: The shoes are normally considered equivalent to the dry fraction of solid waste.  Therefore they must therefore be disposed in the proper storing space and in the manner  required by local legislation.
Your FALCO technical footwear will maintain the prerogatives of contribution to the comfort and safety on motorbike use only if properly worn and maintained in a state of perfect preservation.
The rider is responsible for the care and maintenance of the product and shall promptly replace it in case of damage, breakage, excessive wear and deformation of individual structural parts (upper, sole, locking systems).
The locking mechanisms must always be carefully closed to ensure the perfect "wrapping" of the foot, without limiting the movements required by the motorbike discipline you want to perform. The rider should additionally always consider that the performance of the product can change and
be reduced to changing climatic conditions (hot/cold, dry/rain).
The use of motorcycles and other motor vehicles (both road and track) carries the risk of serious injury and even death. To limit these risks is always recommended the use of personal protection. The specific footwear products for use on road and off-road vehicles are equipped with specific solutions to support the most sensitive points of the foot and exposed. It is confirmed, however, that none of these solutions is able to protect in full the rider in the event of loss of control, falling, collision with fixed obstacles or other means. The rider should be familiar with the performance of their vehicle, the characteristics and limitations of use set by the manufacturer of the vehicle itself.
If FALCO products are used for different or improper uses for which they were designed and tested, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries or death.