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SUMMER 2022 : FENIX 3 AIR 29 July 2022

Cornuda (Italy) - 29th July 2022

Good morning dear friends and welcome back with our AMBASSADORS' MONTHLY INTERVIEW! This month we have the pleasure to introduce you to our ambassador Jorge.

Hello Jorge and welcome aboard! Ready? Let's get started!

First of all we would love to know where you come from and how and when your passion for motorbikes started...
"Hola compañeros, my hometown is Valencia! My passion for motorcycles started when I was 15 years old. All my friends had a scooter , reason why taken by curiosity and the desire to have one myself I decided to buy one. Since then I had several scooters until I bought my real bike, a yamaha mt07, then I switched to a yamaha mt 09 and now I have a Ducati supersport 939, although my dream has always been to have a scrambler 2".

What is your favourite travel destination and why?
"I would love to go to Andorra or Switzerland for the scenery and roads to ride."

What type of shoe would you use for your travels and why? What is the ideal shoe in terms of technical features?
"The best shoe should be comfortable but suitable for any situation , allowing you to travel safely. Safety, comfort and convenience are the features I value most."

Where did you learn about our brand and what reason raised interest in our products?
"That was through a friend , your ambassadors moreover, Luis!
Luis told me a lot about you and when I saw the products you sent him and the quality they had both in terms of finish and safety, I knew I would love to have the same kind of experience."

Compared to previous shoes , does the one you received differ in anything?
"I was very surprised by the finish, material and comfort. I think they have all the makings of my favorite brand of boots."

What places would you recommend to see in your areas and what type of shoe would work well?
"Every area of Spain is a little paradise, but in all honesty the north and the area overlooking the Mediterranean are the richest in terms of landscape variety. For the type of shoe... well I would say breathable and waterproof shoes either for cities with rainy climate like the north or very hot and humid like the Mediterranean.

Thank you very much Jorge! It was a pleasure to meet you!

Thanks to you for the trust! See you soon