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Falco around the world: Ayda 2 14 December 2020

Cornuda (Italy) - December 14 th 2020

The Ayda 2 is a boot with a simple but curated design. It’s made out of full-grain oil-treated leather and a High-Tex membrane on the inside. The feet are protected by ankle cups inserts in D3O. A removable gear-pad comes with the boots. To finish off  the aesthetic and help the versatility of the boot the Falco team selected a high-heeled rubber sole.
Here below a review of the Ayda 2 by Anna:
“I am now on my second pair of these fantastic Ayda boots. I tried a few other brands when I first started by in my 5 years of riding motorbikes I now wear these constantly, and I’m happy wearing them for hours off the bike, too. I get so many compliments on them-mostly because I think they look like a beautiful streetwear boot, not just a technical riding boot (even though they’re that, as well). I’ve taken them on moto trips in Canada, USA, Mexico and even to Japan!
This photo (in the bathtub) is inspired by love of weird and of non-typical beauty. When I feel like I need to get really creative I go searching for strangeness- and lucky me, that I found a pink tub I the middle of a junkyard. It was probably the most fun photoshoot I’ve ever done.”