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Round #1 EMX 250 European Championship 22 April 2015

Arco di Trento - April 20th 2015
First round of European 250 MX Championship (EMX 250) has been held at the Italian track of Arco di Trento along with World Championship round. FALCO Extreme Pro 3 boots were used in the races by belgian team CreyMert Racing Honda. Young talented riders engaged with the team performed their first season appearance at this highest level gaining precious experience: swedish Anton Gole climbed up to the fifteeth position and the classification points directly in Heat 1 whilst during Heat 2 he didn't come further than 38 due to a group crash at the first corner causing bike damages; belgian Ludovic Brevers crashed hard during the first moto injuring his shoulder and couldn't recover to complete the races; icelander Ingvi Bjorn Birgisson was not successful over the weekend and failed the qualification. CreyMert Racing Team now looks forward to next events as overall results of the weekend created slight disappointment but given the speed of Gole and Brevers there is renowed confidence for future races.
The next challenge will be held already on April 25th-26th at the famous Eurocircuit of Valkenswaard.