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2021 Collection: Dixxon 23 February 2021

Cornuda (Italy) - February 23rd 2021

The 2021 collection is made to left you feeling amazed. Today we want to take a closer look at the Dixxon in the Heritage/Classic category. It’s a boot made of full-grain oil-treated leather upper with denim textile inserts. The mix of textures gives these evergreen, classic boots a fresh and modern spin. The leather lining is perforated. The ankles are protected by ABS reinforcements. The double closure makes it really easy and comfortable to take on/off the boots. The heavy-duty rubber sole improves the level of security and resistance of the Dixxon while riding.
Matteo tells us his experience:
“The first time I wore the Dixxon the temperature was slightly above zero. Luckily, the wind can’t penetrate the leather upper and the foot stays warm. This is a huge factor for someone like me, who enjoys riding also with low temperatures. Moreover, it’s really easy to put them on. The zip closure makes it super fast. The sizing is spot on. These boots are extremely comfortable right away, from the first use. What else to say… I’m really impressed. My family has owned a shoe company since 1976 and the Dixxon have pleasantly surprised them as well!”