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Staple Products: Cortez 2 20 January 2021

Cornuda (Italy) - January 20th 2021

Falco has some staple products which deserves as much attention as the newbies. Today we get to know better a “old but gold” model: Cortez 2.
Here below the product review by Alexandru Popescu:
“For riding in the city, I successfully used the Falco Blazer for 2 years. My favorite all time pair of motorcycle  “sneakers”. But like all good things, it had to come to an end. After 2 years of dedicated service I had to put them down. So, I wanted to order another pair of Falco Blazer, maybe a different color, blabla. Surprise. The model was discontinued.
I kept looking for an everyday shoe, which would look cool on my Supermoto. That’s how I stopped at Cortez 2. They’re very fast to wear and this is what I need. The time to close the zipper and you are ready to race in 2 seconds.  
In October I went on a 5300 km trip from Romania to Turkey. I had to choose between a pair of touring boots from another brand and the Falco Cortez 2. Having a lot of walking planned in the trip made me chose Cortez 2. This was the ultimate test. In the first 2000 km we had some serious rain. My rain pants combined with the city hooligan Cortez did an awesome job. The HIGH-TEX membrane was successful. They got me home safe with just some minor drawbacks, but for a pair of city hooligan shoes, Cortez stood up to the challenge.
I am very satisfied with the decision I took when I bought them because I know they can cover a bigger range than just city boots. You can take them for a long ride and even if you encounter rain, you won’t have any major discomfort.”