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2021 Collection: Avantour 2 12 January 2021

Cornuda (Italy) - January 12th 2021

Falco is preparing the launch of its latest collection and you can bet it’s going to be a wild ride!
Let’s start today with the presentation of a renewed edition of the model Avantour. This product was born to be resistant and overcome some extreme rides and adventures. In its second edition it gets even better and ensures a high level performance.
Here below Philip’s review on the upcoming Avantour 2:
“I was impressed by the design of the Avantour 2 as soon as I took them out of the box, simple style and solid construction. What makes them stand out is how comfortable they are when you first put them on. Most boots with proper ankle protection feel like ski boots and hard to walk in. Other adventure boots don't have the lateral ankle support these do. The hinge design makes them comfortable riding both on and offroad while still feeling secure. I've mainly ridden with them in cold conditions and they have kept me warm. I have been caught in a downpour and ridden through water offroad - they kept me dry in both cases.”
What more could an adventurer wish for?