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Product of the Month (May) - Ranger 01 May 2017

Altivole (IT) - May 1st 2017
#VintageIsTheNewModern perfectly delivers what is behind the fresh new RANGER boots coming from stylish Italian brothers at Falco Motorcycle Boots. Much like watching a Disney film hungover on a Sunday morning, these boots look good, feel good, and will protect from the evil realities of world.
These boots has the appearance of a vintage all-rounder but underneath the design features toe and heel reinforcements and "D3O"-backed ankle cups.
In all different conditions of use, the full-grain leather upper with denim textile inserts and High-Tex inner liner membrane will support the foot maximizing water-repellence and breathability. The heavy-duty classic "Goodyear" stitched Vibram® rubber soles helps to maintain optimal control on bike foot-pegs.
The practical double-closure system with zip and laces with hidden pocket storage and the CE certification are the additional technical details that characterize this italian quality product: available in EU sizing 41 to 47 and in 3 trendy colors combos as Dark Brown, Camel Brown and Matt Black all with spare colored laces to match latest vintage riding mood.
The RANGER are settling the score: industry awards as NIFTY-50 Top Product in U.S. and great reviews by Throttle-Roll in Australia and Motorcycle-News in U.K. confirm appreciation for the perception of optimum safety and support with no compromise on aesthetics.