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SUMMER 2022 : PYRO 30 June 2022

Cornuda (Italy) - 30rd June 2022

Good morning dear friends and welcome back with our Falco-marked monthly interview! This month we have the pleasure to introduce you our friend and ambassador Raffaele, amazing biker as well as photographer from Naples, Italy.  

Hello Raffaele and welcome on board! Ready to get started? Let's get started then!

We found out that your passion for motorcycles started at  early age, so we were wondering what is your favorite travel destination and why?
"Super easy question! The breathtaking Amalfi Coast, the most beautiful route in Italy!"

What type of shoe would you use for your travels and why? What is the ideal shoe in terms of technical features?
"Definitely an urban style like the Pyro, just because of their flexibility in terms of protection and comfort for when you get off the motorbike."

Where did you learn about our brand and what reason raised interest in our products?
"I learned about Falco through the Instagram platform and as soon as I saw the Aviator model as a good caféracer it was love at first sight."

The type of product we provided you with is suitable for your motorcycle trips if yes why ? "Absolutely yes as they are comfortable for both traveling and walking considering that I'm a photographer too and I often stop to be able to take shots."

Do you have trips planned in the months ahead ?
"In truth I have a very full calendar as admin of the First Campania motoclub ( the Z club Campania ) and among the stops will be the Marmore waterfalls,Lake Barrea, Mucciante ristoro , the caves of CastelCivita, the lake of Castel San Vincenzo and in June maybe even the Stelvio, all aboard my Honda CB650R"!

Compared to previous shoes , does the one you received differ in anything?
"Compared to other motorcycle shoes Falco Boots stand out for comfort , feeling of safety and the obvious aesthetic factor."
What places would you recommend to see in your areas and what kind of shoe would work well?
"I would say that Positano, Amalfi and Sorrento are definitely worth visiting, but also the narrow streets of the historic center of Naples . And I would say with a shoe like the Pyro that fits every situation!"

Thank you very much Raffaele it was a pleasure to meet you!

Thank you and see you around!