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SPRING 2022: SPEEDOX LADY 31 May 2022

Cornuda (Italy) - 31st May 2022

Hi dear friends and welcome back to our AMBASSADORS' MONTHLY-INTERVIEW . Are you ready? Let's get started!

For the month of May we are in Spain and the person we are going to interview and had the pleasure to know is called Cristina...

Dear Cristina, first of all we would like to know what part of Spain you come from and how your passion for motorcycles started...
"I'm from Igualada, a city located in the province of Barcelona. My passion for motorcycles began basically out of necessity... In order to go to work I had to buy a scooter and that's where it all started. Day by day, I enjoyed it so I decided to try a gear motorbike and I fell in love with it! All that led me to get my license just two years ago. Apart from using the motorcycle every day to go to work, every weekend, I look forward to good weather to take it and organize my excursions, to get to places where another vehicle can't take me".

What type of footwear would you use for your travels and why? What is the ideal shoe in terms of technical features?
"I usually try to wear the most comfortable and safe shoes possible, because should be like that while riding a motorcycle. I also pay a lot of attention to the type of sole they have, since I do not reach the ground very well, a resistant and non-slippery sole look safer for me".

Where did you learn about our brand and what sparked your interest in our products?
"Looking around networks I found Falco Boots, and I was amazed about the number of models you manufacture for every occasion, the features and materials with which your shoes are made! I chose to try the SPEEDOX LADY model, which has a distinguish design. Besides that  it is undoubtedly the best and most comfortable sneaker I've tried so far, I've tried some casual boots, but I always noticed a lot of protections and have ended up creating pain in the foot area, which has not happened to me with FalcoBoots!"

Thank you so much Cristina for your kind words and hope to see you one day!

"Thank you Falco Team , see ya! "