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Back-in-Black 16 Apr 2017

Altivole (IT) - April 17th 2017
TREK 2 high-top shoe settles again the score in its fresh new color: the black color oil-treated leather matches with black-amber Vibram...
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Springtime colors 14 Apr 2017

Altivole (IT) - April 14th 2017
Springtime arrival has inspired new colorful versions of successful riding sneakers BLAZER and KAMILA:

BLAZER 2  (Men's ventilated...
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Round #3 World Superbike Championship 07 Apr 2017

Aragon (ESP) - April 6th, 2017
The cold wind has not stopped the show at Motorland Aragon, many fans of World Superbike and many Roman Ramos fans have come to enjoy the races,...
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Product of the Month (April) - Shiro 2 05 Apr 2017

Altivole (ITA) - April 5th, 2017
The SHIRO 2 motorcycle shoe from FALCO gets the style and comfort of a normal pair of trainers but the added protection and...
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Round #2 World Superbike Championship 22 Mar 2017

Buriram (THAI) - March 12th, 2017
Excellent 9th place performance for spaniard Román Ramos at the Circuit de Chang of Buriram (Thailand) valid for the second round of the...
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