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Staple Products: Lennox Lady 02 Feb 2021

Cornuda (Italy) - February 2nd 2021

Today the Falco team decided to reserve some space for one of its best-selling and most loved products: the Lennox Lady.
The women line has a...
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2021 Collection: Gordon 26 Jan 2021

Cornuda (Italy) - January 26th 2021

In this new year the Falco Team wants to upgrade some essential features of its line, for example: resistance, quality, protection and some style...
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Staple Products: Cortez 2 20 Jan 2021

Cornuda (Italy) - January 20th 2021

Falco has some staple products which deserves as much attention as the newbies. Today we get to know better a “old but gold” model: Cortez...
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2021 Collection: Avantour 2 12 Jan 2021

Cornuda (Italy) - January 12th 2021

Falco is preparing the launch of its latest collection and you can bet it’s going to be a wild ride!
Let’s start today with the...
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Falco around the world: Legion 2 05 Jan 2021

Cornuda (Italy) - January 5th 2021

With the new year the Falco team flies to France to unveil the model Legion 2. Let’s read together what the BaronNoir thinks of it:
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