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SPRING 2022: NOMAD 29 April 2022

Cornuda (Italy) - 29th April 2022

Hi dear friends and welcome back to our AMBASSADORS' MONTHLY-INTERVIEW . Are you ready? Let's get started!

For the month of April we are in Spain and the person we are going to interview and had the pleasure to know is called Luis...

Dear Luis, first of all we would like to know what part of Spain you come from and how your passion for motorcycles started...

“I am from Tenerife but I live in Valencia, I’ve always been fond of motorcycles, but since 2016 when I was diagnosed with cancer, I live riding a motorcycle every day.  Motorcycles helped me to get out and disconnect from those bad moments".

What is your favourite travel destination and why?

"I like to travel a lot! My favourite place is Biarritzs in southwestern France, because there you can find a marvellous track known as “wheels and waves”.

Where did you learn about our brand and what sparked your interest in our products?

"I learned about FALCO through other ambassadors on Instagram, and had the chance to see the boots in a store! I fell in love with the quality, designs and premium materials that you use to manufacture them".

Is the type of product you received suitable for your motorcycle trips, and if so, why?

"Yes, they are very suitable for daily use and travel, as they are comfortable and you can wear them all day long as if you were wearing normal shoes".

Do you have any trips planned in the next few months and if so, what type of bike do you own?

"Yes, on March 26th, 27th and 28th to Teruel Alcañiz, I own a scrambler bike (cafe racer)".
What places would you recommend to visit in your area and what kind of shoes would be the right choice?

"My recommendation is to visit the Benagéber reservoir in Valencia".

Thanks again Luis for this amazing interview! Back to you soon!