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SPRING 2022: CHASER 18 March 2022

Cornuda (Italy) - 18th March 2022

Hi dear followers, this month we want to welcome you with an interesting news, we open the dances to our AMBASSADORS' MONTHLY-INTERVIEW . Are you ready? Let's get started!

For the month of March we are in our beloved Italy and the person we are going to interview and had the pleasure to know is called Fabio...

Dear Fabio, first of all we'd like to know which part of Italy you're from and how your passion for motorcycles started…

"I come from the province of Varese in Lombardy, practically on the border with Switzerland. My desire for freedom, the desire to explore new places and the desire to turn off my brain and feel completely disconnected from the problems of the world were the push that made me definitely approach the world of two wheels and in particular that of H-D! After all, I grew up with Renegade-style TV series and Terminator movies! "

Where did you learn about our brand and what sparked your interest in our products?

"I was hoping to answer this question. My journey as an influencer on Instagram has given me the opportunity to get in touch with many companies specializing in the two-wheeled sector, but for the most part they were international brands well beyond the Italian borders. During one of my visits to a motorcycle clothing store I came across your brand and I immediately got the idea in my head to contact you. I immediately thought that it would be much more rewarding and satisfying to start a collaboration with an Italian company rather than a foreign one, promoting after all a brand of my home".

Is the type of product you received suitable for the type of travel you usually do?

"At the moment I feel I can answer positively because during my travels with my Harley the comfort was immediately perceived. The shoe is resistant without betraying a structural lightness that does not weigh down the foot or the ankle".

Compared to previous shoes, does the one you received differ in anything?

"Well, the shoe certainly has its reason. On the outside I like it a lot, being a lover of total black, while on a technical level it gives me the feeling of being so resistant that I don't have the fear of seeing the toe worn off after hours of struggling with the gearshift"

Thanks again to Fabio for this amazing interview! See you soon!