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WINTER 2022: AYDA 2 21 February 2022

Cornuda (Italy) - 21st February 2022

Dear followers of the Falco world! Welcome back with our monthly program! This month we are in the Scandinavian country par excellence: Norway! The protagonist of the month of February is our model Ayda 2! A model that does not fear at all the rocky inlets of the breathtaking Norwegian fjords and that will allow you to travel even on foot all the Atlantic coasts! Curious to know how? Our model Ayda 2 enjoys a slightly raised heel that will give relief to your body during the whole week out and not only! A shoe with full grain leather upper and hydrophobic treatment. If this shoe can handle the hardest temperatures then everyone is lucky!
What are you waiting for? Buy your AYDA 2 and prove it to everyone !

Ser deg snart !