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Staple Products: Aviator 02 March 2021

Cornuda (Italy) - March 2nd 2021

Falco and its classics. This week we take a look at the Aviator model. Let’s see what Geoff thinks of them:
“It’s not often an item of my riding gear becomes a part of my everyday attire. In my experience riding gear functions best on a motorcycle but this was far from the case with these Falco Aviators.
As a daily commuter I gravitate towards gear that can double as streetwear. The idea is that once I’m off the bike I can then go about my daily routine without looking as though I’ve just stepped off a race track. The Aviators ticked that box with ease, but what I wasn’t expecting was the level of comfort and longevity they offered.
The rigours of almost daily use for around two years had well and truly left their mark on my Aviators. Not wanting to part ways with them I continued to use them as work boots. The Aviators kept my feet dry and clean despite everything I threw at them. What has been most impressive though is the bulletproof sole. Never have I had a pair of boots show such little signs of wear after such extensive use. Would I recommend these boots to my friends and followers? You bet I would.”