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Falco around the world: Dany 2 22 December 2020

Cornuda (Italy) – December 22nd 2020

Falco flies to the US and its deserts with the model Dany 2. This boot has a double layer, High-Tex membrane on the inside and leather on the outside, which contributes to its sturdiness and make it ideal for rides on uneven lands. Yet, as Mathilde pointed out in her review, it may not be the best choice for warm weather.
The boot is compact but has all the protections needed. The toe and heel areas are reinforced, while the ankles present D3O inserts. Mathilde accidentally put to the test the resistance of the protections by falling under a 250 kg bike. Luckily, her body had no serious repercussions and her feet came out intact.
The Dany 2 has been exposed to the most extreme weather conditions, from piping hot temperatures to humid and rainy weather, and has passed every test with great performances.
The high quality material and the feminine details make the Dany 2 a first choice, both for a quick ride in the city centre and for a month long adventure.