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Review Time: Misty 10 November 2020

Cornuda (Italy) - November 10th 2020

The Misty model is characterized by elegance and comfort. The former can be seen in its features while the latter in its material, which is full-grain leather. This material is combined with a “High- Tex” waterproof membrane improving the overall performance of the product. Although their high comfort level, the boots are made to be technical and safe. Toes and heels are reinforced and there’s a cup inserts in ABS for the ankle. The Misty boot wants to feel and look good. The high heeled rubber sole embodies this concept and makes the boot adapt to juxtaposed context: uneven grounds and the city. In the photo, Julie is wearing the boots in an unknown and bucolic corner of Paris. The soft brown of the boots is well inserted in the overall vintage aesthetic given by the narrow Parisian streets.